Romanian railway company to rent 1000 km of railroad in auction on Tuesday


National Railway Company CFR offers to potential renters 1,016.2 km of railroad (29 railroad sections) that belong to the non-interoperable railroad infrastructure, through an auction on Tuesday at the Romanian Commodity Exchange (BRM), according a release of the company remitted on Monday to Agerpres.

The renting contract period is 4 years, with the highest bid to win the contract. The deadline for submitting the bids is August 19, 2014, 9am; the bids will be opened at 10am the same day, at the headquarters of the Romanian Commodity Exchange (BRM). The auction is open to licensed Romanian railway operators, which are allowed to bid on one or several sectors.

CFR is authorized to rent through public auctions at the Romanian Commodity Exchange sectors that belong to the non-interoperable railroad infrastructure to economic operators, in accordance with the Government Decision no. 643/2011. According to the release, the economic operators designated as highest bidders must take over the existing CFR personnel operating the rented sectors.