Romanian rock stars share same stage at Roman Arenas

Cristi Minculescu (former Iris), Kempes (former Cargo), Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica
and Dan Iliescu (Timpuri Noi) are but few of the artists who will come on stage in the evening of April 26.

April 26, 2014 is the day all rock fans should write down in their agendas. TROOPER presents at the Roman Arenas an unprecedented event, which is going to unite on the same stage major rock music artists, famous in the history of Romanian music, who offered immortal lines to whole generations. According to a press release, the rock aficionados will have the opportunity to see during the same event Nutu Olteanu (former Iris), Kempes (former Cargo), Paul Ciuci & Adrian Tinca (Compact), Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica (Pasarea Rock, former Phoenix), Dan Iliescu (Timpuri Noi), Eugen Mihaescu & Gabi Nicolau “Gurita” (Krypton), Victor Solomon & Florian Stoica (former Conexiuni) and Trooper. “On April 26 you will travel back in time with ‘The Train without controller’ and you will find out what ‘Destiny’ means, you will meet ‘The girl in my dream’ again, you will break the ‘Chains,’ you will meet ‘Luca,’ ‘The neighbour girl,’ ‘Stere,’ ‘Adeline,’ ‘Tanta’ and ‘Stan,’ you will know ‘The rocker’s life,’ and in the end you will be ‘Hard as mountains!” The message sent by all five Trooper members is that “we hope that we could give these great musicians an unforgivable night, together with you!” For the concert on April 26 the following tickets categories are for sale: Category I – RON 100, meet & greet with Trooper, Cristi Minculescu, Nutu Olteanu; category II – RON 50, Goden Circle; Category III – RON 20, Normal Circle. Tickets are available in Biletoo store in Unirea Shopping Centre (ground floor), Flanco retail chain, Adevarul and Eminescu bookshops, at the National Children Palace, in the offices of the Romanian Postal Company, in the Inmedio shops labelled, in the Germanos, Orange Vodafone and Diverta retail chains and online on,,,,,, and

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