Romania’s ambassador in Chisinau on symbolic union statements: Romanians have every right to be happy in Centennial Year


In the Centennial Year, “the Romanians, those who feel Romanian have every right to be happy,” the Romanian ambassador in Chisinau Daniel Ionita said on Tuesday night at the public television broadcaster in the Capital of the Republic of Moldova, given that as many as 100 Moldovan localities have signed the symbolic Union Declaration with Romania, the portal informs on Wednesday.

Notwithstanding, the Romanian ambassador insisted that these statements have a strictly symbolic character, with no legal connotation, and that they show the belonging to certain national ideas.

For the same broadcaster, ambassador Daniel Ionita added that the signing of these statements does not necessarily make him happy, nor does it particularly make him sad, since “assuredly, such statements will be used by certain politicians in Chisinau to hit Romania.”

On Wednesday, after the meeting of the Supreme Defence Council, that was not attended by the representatives of the Gov’t and Parliament, the “pro-Russian” (according to the source, ed. n.) President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, told a news conference he was to send an open letter to the United Nations and the Council of Europe against Romania’s actions which are, in his opinion, “risks to the statehood of the Republic of Moldova”, according to Radio Chisinau.

The Supreme Defence Council, Dodon furthered on, condemns the Union Declarations with Romania that are daily signed by 4-5 localities of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, he announced that he is preparing a project to amend the legislation so that criminal liability be introduced “for the actions of destabilising the Republic of Moldova”.

On 25 May, the unionists want to cluster in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau to celebrate 100 years since the Great Union.

In response to Igor Dodon’s statements, the leader of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) Maia Sandu accused the President of the Republic that by such anti-unionist statements and threats he is dividing the society.

The project of the signing of such a document was initiated by the “Actiunea 2012” Civic Platform that is expecting this year, the year of the Great Union’s Centennial, for around 100 localities in the Republic of Moldova to adopt such a decision, even if only symbolic.