Romgaz offers natural gas on OPCOM exchange


State-owned natural gas producer Romgaz offered 318,000 MWh equivalent on natural gas on the specialized exchange of the electricity and gas market operator OPCOM, according to the exchange’s website. Romgaz asks RON 90 per MWh, slightly above the current regulated price of RON 89.4 per MWh for non-household consumers. The auction is scheduled on July 23, for a delivery period from August 1 to August 31 2014. A previous attempt of supplier E.ON Energie Romania to buy natural gas at OPCOM failed earlier this week; E.ON had placed two bids for a total 106,000 MWh at 85 and RON 82 per MWh, below the regulated price. The Government Emergency Order 35 of 2014 compels Romanian natural gas producers to sell on the centralized market a minimum of 20 percent of their production for domestic consumption between July 15 and December 31, in an open and non-discriminatory way.