RON 579 M loan and 30,000 tons of fuel from state reserves for CFR Calatori

The Ministry of Finance will grant a RON 579 million Treasury loan to CFR Calatori, which is to be reimbursed no later than November 27, for the railway carrier to pay its outstanding debts to CFR SA. CFR Calatori will also receive fuel from the state reserves.
The decision was made by the Government through emergency ordinance. Fuel will be granted as social public services compensation for railway passenger transport. 32,487 tons of fuel – Euro 4 and Euro 5 Diesel oil – will be taken out free of charge from the state reserves. The decision was part of the latest letter of intent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in which the Executive undertook to include a Treasury loan to CFR Calatori in the deficit target for lowering arrears. When the first budget adjustment of the year is carried out, the loan will feature as budget expenses. The same letter shows the railway companies’ electricity debts and CNADNR’s debts will be partially and fully paid, respectively, from the budget, while other companies will enter insolvency “or liquidation;” this list already includes Railway Interventions, Romavia, and Oltenia Energy Services.
Several inspections commissioned by Ramona Manescu, former Minister of Transport, have concluded that a series of routes CFR Calatori had deemed unfeasible became extremely profitable after they were rented by private companies.
As of last month, CFR Calatori passengers can purchase train tickets or subscriptions from two CFR travel agencies recently opened in the Unirii and Militari areas of Bucharest, in addition to four existing sale points in the capital city. “The decision to open these sale points in two very visible and frequented areas of the capital city was made at the passengers’ requests,” according to CFR Calatori. At present, there are 27 CFR Calatori travel agencies, six of which are located in Bucharest.

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