Rus’s target: All Ministry of Transports companies to turn profit

Minister of Transports Ioan Rus aims to make all companies under the institution turn profit, adding that he has business experience and his education in this area is German. “My target is to make all companies under the Ministry of Transports make profit, considering that most of them have incurred losses, a situation which is not normal with the facilities they have, others don’t benefit from them and must be improved, and it also is not normal in the current economic context… In a competitive market it is highly complicated to resist as long as you do not generate profit,” said Rus on Tuesday during a short press release at Otopeni Airport, reports Mediafax.
The official met the representatives of the Romanian Aeroclub, the Romanian Aeronautic Authority and the National Airports Company Bucharest within a schedule of visits aiming all the companies under the ministry. The Ministry of Transports has in subordination the Romanian Railways Company (CFR), CFR Passengers, CFR Freight, Metrorex, Tarom, the National Company of Administration of Maritime Ports Constanta, the Romanian Road Authority, the Romanian Vehicle Registry and the Romanian Naval Authority. Rus said that extra measures are necessary along the internal measures to draw funds on medium and long term and that he had had some “fairly solid” talks to the representatives of the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Commission and the IMF. The Minister of Transports added that a commission was made, led by the PM, which should “revive” the emergency resolution 109/2011 on the corporate governance at public companies.
Rus added that the Ministry of Transports has the most companies that need performing management able to understand and support the requirements of a market economy. During the mandate of his predecessor at the helm of the ministry, Dan Sova, the private managers of many companies under the ministry were replaced.

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