SACEUR Commander: NATO operational tempo to decrease

General Philip M. Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), said on Thursday that as ISAF withdraws in the next 11 months, the NATO’s operational tempo will decrease and will probably be more reduced over the next 10 years.
‘My priority in the medium and long term is to make sure that we have troops trained in alliance for the missions that will follow over the next 10 years and beyond. ( … ) I am continuously impressed with how Romania has managed to contribute to all NATO and ISAF missions in Afghanistan, Baltic air police missions, the Defence Act exercise in Turkey, Ocean Field in the Mediterranean Sea, the contribution to the NATO’s response force. The fact that you have become part of the missile defense system is one of your best contributions,’ Philip M. Breedlove said at the National Defence Ministry’s HQ, after a meeting with Defence Minister Mircea Dusa. According to Breedlove, the United States relies on Romania to continue to help its neighbours to share the same values of NATO.
As for Minister Dusa, he sent General Breedlove “Romania’s support for a committed ally engagement in Afghanistan after 2014” and the fact that our country “supports the Alliance’s intention to improve training and exercises, in the purpose of a better interaction with the NATO partners.”
General Breedlove was welcomed at Cotroceni Palace by President Traian Basescu as well, who said that the Romanian army is involved in substituting the lack of ability of administration to keep things under control during the inclement weather, as the two exchanged opinions about the weather in both countries. “For the moment, beyond the missions we have abroad, the Romanian army is very much involved in covering the lack of ability of our administration to keep things under control, during this inclement weather we are facing,” said the Head of State, adding that the talks with the General will surround mostly the NATO summit meeting in the UK.
The supreme commander of allied forces in Europe said that “everything goes very well,” at Mihail Kogalniceanu base, congratulating Romania for its decade within NATO and voicing his gratitude for their bilateral military cooperation.

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