Saint-Gobain receives the Grand Prix d’Or for the logo design


During the TOP / COM GRANDS PRIX Corporate Business 2017 event, a congress about Communication in Multinational Enterprises which has recently taken place in Paris, Saint-Gobain received the Grand Prix d’Or (the highest distinction) in the “Logo Design” category. The award, given by a jury of professionals in digital and communication, recognizes the innovation and the creativity of the communication initiatives of the year. This illustrates the success of the visual identity change of the Group and the new communication strategy of the brand.

Saint-Gobain is famous for having known all along to reinvent itself and adapt itself to modernity while remaining at the same time connected to its original values. Thus, the new logo is the expression of a trademark strategy connected to the communication challenges of today. The main values of the new logo reflect the welfare, the comfort, the sustainability and the innovation.

“We have focused on the decentralized character of the Group, based on the broad recognition that the Group brands have among customers and professionals. Today, the Group wants to have a closer connection with the final users, with the people that are living or working in buildings around the world who use our products and solutions”, said Constantin Hariton, Deputy General Delegate of Saint-Gobain Group for Romania.

The new logo supports the company’s brand platform, illustrating the vibrant horizon through which the Group puts its imprint on the places where we live, work or hang out. The warm and the bright colors express the emotional connection with the customers and the consumers. The pastel shades express the Group’s values: green for the environment, blue for innovation and red for energy.

Changing the logo comes as a response from the Group to create a closer connection with the general public, because the final users play an increasingly important role in the choice of products that are used in the projects.

The Saint-Gobain objective is to strengthen the visibility, particularly in this digital age where the brand positioning is not just an opportunity but a necessity, a press release of the company informs.