Scholarships for high-school students in Mioveni from Dacia-Renault

Automobile Dacia Pitesti, Mioveni mayoralty and Arges County Education Inspectorate signed on Wednesday in the presence of Prime Minister Victor Ponta a protocol to support and sponsor 100 students of the Technological Vehicle Construction College Mioveni with scholarships of RON 200.
“I think the students who are going to prepare within this program will be much better prepared members of Dacia-Renault team in the future and I would like through this event to make an appeal to all private companies in Romania to make partnerships with the educational system in Romania. This is a message to all general inspectors, I congratulate those in Arges, but I would like all of them to be open to these partnerships and, brick by brick, to prepare generations of young people to finish high-school not only with a diploma but also with a skill and a stable job,” said PM Victor Ponta during the event, quoted by Mediafax.
As for Dacia-Renault CEO Nicolas Maure, he announced that two classes will benefit at first from the support of the company, the 10th and 11th grade of mechanics and a hundred students are to be prepared in the upcoming three years.
“Our support has more parts: we will provide a sponsorship system, vehicles, tools and machines for the high-school workshop, we will help the training of the teachers, we will invite the students and teachers at the plant events and also at our units in Bucharest and Titu, the students will benefit from the same social benefits like our employees namely transport, individual protection equipment, hot meals, as we want them to be well prepared and to be able to hire them at the end and thus to make our employees more competitive,” said Nicolas Maure.
“According to the law, all students registered in the technical professional education receive RON 200 as scholarship from the Romanian Government and RON 200 in the cases where there are agreements with companies, from these companies,” said the Minister of Education Remus Pricopie. He announced that he asked the general inspectors in all counties to cooperate with chairpersons of county councils and chairpersons of county chambers of commerce and industry so that other companies should be identified to support students registered in the technical public system.

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