School Principal suspended in case of teacher requesting bribe

A decision in this case is scheduled to be reached Friday and Dana Blandu was questioned by the police.

The first demotions were carried out in connection with the controversy involving a teacher at School No.10 in Bucharest who was charged for requesting money for Christmas gifts from parents. The Principal’s relocation agreement was suspended (the equivalent of being suspended from office) by ISMB (the School Inspectorate of Bucharest) on Thursday, the very day the results of the Inspectorate’s investigation into this matter were to be made public. ISMB’s decision was made the day after Remus Pricopie, Minister of Education, commented on the investigation being carried out at School No.10, saying the class money fund can only exist as a parents’ initiative, and stressed it is illegal for the school to manage the fund through teachers or the principal. The Minister of Education added that instances in which class funds are requested and managed by school representatives could even be subject to criminal penalties.
The Inspectorate has announced that a final decision will made with regard to the implicated teacher after the school’s Board of Directors meeting on Friday. “With regard to the implicated member of the teaching staff (editor’s note – Dana Blandu), we are waiting for the decision of the school’s Board of Directors,” Constantin Traistaru, Head of ISMB, stated Thursday. According to the general inspector, Principal Camelia Fercu will be presiding Friday’s Board of Directors meeting, as her term ends Monday, January 13. ISMB will monitor potential acts of corruption in educational institutions, Traistaru continued, and meetings with educational institution principals will be had to go over corruption-related aspects and devise a set of measures to combat this phenomenon.
On the other hand, teacher Blandu was called yesterday for questioning at police headquarters after prosecutors sent the file in her name to the Sixth Police Precinct on Wednesday. If the teacher is found guilty, she could be permanently removed from the teaching system.
Investigations in this case were initiated after a YouTube video recording of a teacher at School No.10 in central Bucharest requesting money for Christmas gifts from parents surfaced in the press. The recording shows the teacher reprimanding the parents for offering too little money to buy Christmas gifts for the school staff and even insulting them.
In another video recording published on, the teacher seemed outraged that parents dared offer members of the school staff merely chocolate and coffee as gifts. Moreover, the teacher called the parents “poor and thick-skinned.” She was infuriated when parents refused to take their children to her after-school programs. “Teacher: Are coffee and chocolate all you have to offer? Well, I can’t tell if you’re poor or thick-skinned, honest to God. As a class. You tell me: how can you go to the librarian and secretary with just coffee and a bar of chocolate? God… Parent: Well no, there’s more… Teacher: Where? Parent: There should be some baskets, maybe they’ll come in tomorrow…,” is what one of the conversations posted on the website sounded like.
For teacher Dana Blandu, parents are not only “poor and thick-skinned” but also “saboteurs.” “Who is brave enough? Who among you is brave enough to go to class with coffee and chocolate – a five lei gift? That’s all I want to know – who will do that. I want you to tell me his name in the session plenum, so I can see who talks for the sake of talking and who is actually sabotaging the event… I don’t know who would have the audacity to bring such a gift (…) The only gifts I’ve ever seen were whisky bottles and Panettone. This is a posh school, do you understand what I’m saying?” she told parents.

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