Schulz, unhappy with PM Ponta’s statements on Brok

“I cannot agree to such statements made by the premier of a European country,” the chief of the EP said. Corina Cretu (PSD) believes that Martin Schulz became “very pacifist and tolerant” of late because he also needs the support of CDU to be nominated as president of the European Commission.

Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament, said Monday, in the opening of the EP session that the statements made by Premier Victor Ponta on EPP MEP Elmar Brok are condemnable.
“I heard that Mr. Brok was attacked in a speech by the Romanian premier. The media informed that a parallel has been draw between what Mr. Brok said about immigration and statements of the Nazis. I will clarify this issue with Mr. Ponta, but I must stress that these comparisons with Nazis are totally inacceptable. (…) I cannot agree to such statement made by a premier of a European country,” the socialist leader mentioned, quoted by Mediafax.
PSD MEP Victor Bostinaru tried to intervene, but was promptly interrupted by Martin Schulz, who told him that he read about this matter and will have a discussion with both Ponta and Brok on this subject. “I will investigate what has been said. If someone compared someone else with the Nazis, I will condemn it,” Schulz added.
Premier Victor Ponta told Mediafax that he talked with EP President Martin Schulz in order to clarify the situation sparked by the statements of Elmar Brok and from the discussion he understood that he did not mean fingerprinting all Romanians, so his reaction was unfortunate.
“Yesterday evening I had a discussion with Mr. Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament, who called me to clarify the situation generated by the statements of MEP Elmar Brok and by our reaction to them. I understood and I have all confidence, from what Mr. Schulz told me, that the statement of Elmar Brok was either wrongly understood, or wrongly translated in the Romanian press and it did not refer to fingerprinting all the Romanians in Germany. In these conditions, I obviously said that, if Mr. Brok did not refer and did not meant fingerprinting all Romanians, then obviously my reaction is unfortunate and I regret having used a word if that situation does not exist. For me, it is important – I told it to President Schulz and he agreed – to never leave unsanctioned this kind of position against Romanians and I very much appreciate that Martin Schulz and other politicians of European relevance clearly said that it is not normal and they will never accept the enforcement of anti-European systems against Romanians, Bulgarians or others,” Ponta stated.

Cretu and Ivan jump to Ponta’s defence

PSD MEP Corina Cretu yesterday said on RFI that the president of the European Parliament became “very pacifist and tolerant” lately, because he also needs the support of CDU to be nominated as President of the European Commission. “I do not believe that Mr. Ponta was wrong by criticising this initiative of Mr. Bork which, if applicable, would open the door to new acts of immense abuse. I believe it is unacceptable that the chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament speaks about fingerprinting and deportations,” Cretu mentioned. On the other hand, she lashed at MEP Cristian Preda (PDL), who wrote Monday on Twitter about the statement delivered by Schulz in the EP: “I saw that the first thing Mr. Preda did yesterday morning was to intoxicate the public and overreact. (…) It is evident that we are at a time when some want to inflame the spirits, show that we are criticised and so on. (…) But I consider that what Mr. Brok said must not be tolerated,” the PSD MEP added.
The leader of the PSD delegation to the EP, Catalin Ivan claims that the president of the EP referred to the Romanian premier in plenum, but not as an attack or aggressively. “Everything was civilised and calm, not aggressive, nobody blamed Victor Ponta in the European Parliament,” Ivan added. We remind that, reacting to a statement made by Elmar Brok at the beginning of this year about fingerprinting the Romanian immigrants, Ponta said that the German MEP is “demagogue, irresponsible and populist” and has a “Nazi, fascist thinking,” same as PDL MEP Monica Macovei.

Protest in front of German Embassy against statements on fingerprinting Romanians

Dozens of persons on Monday protested in front of the German Embassy, where representatives of the ‘Human Rights Romanian Organization’ and ‘Vama-Verde’ associations handed out a letter requesting the resignation of the German politician Elmar Brok from his position at the European Parliament, following his statements on fingerprinting Romanians in Germany. ‘The offensive statement of (…) Elmar Brok on fingerprinting Romanians, a statement which German authorities failed to condemn explicitly and in a convincing way, is not a personal point of view. It is confirmed and enacted by German authorities through steps toward creating committees with the sole purpose of limiting the Romanians’ freedom of movement within the EU,’ states the letter, quoted by Agerpres.

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