Senate Chairman: Parliament Houses called into extraordinary session for Tuesday


An extraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate has been called for Tuesday, Senate Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced on Monday.

“I’ll start the briefing with the announcement of the extraordinary session of the Parliament Houses following the government’s having adopted last week a set of emergency ordinances and the Constitution’s requirement that we should summon an extraordinary session in five days at the most after that. Tomorrow, [on Tuesday], the Senate Standing Bureau is called for 14:00 hrs and the plenary for 15:00 hrs., while for the Chamber of Deputies the meeting of the Standing Bureau is scheduled for 11:00 hrs and the plenary sitting for 15:00 hrs; each is to deal with the emergency ordinances for which it acts as first notified chamber, Tariceanu said at the end of the sitting of the ruling coalition.


Tariceanu says Parliament expert committees to look at letter of 2009 election inquiry committee


Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu also said on Monday that the letter of the parliamentary committee inquiring into the 2009 presidential election on the potential notification of the Constitutional Court about a legal constitutional conflict between the Public Prosecution Office and Parliament will be sent to the expert committees for them to decide on the procedures to follow.

“Me and the Lower House Speaker received a letter from the parliamentary inquiry committee. As far as the Senate is concerned, I can tell you how we will proceed. Tomorrow we have the meeting of the Standing Bureau scheduled, I will present the letter to the Standing Bureau and, as per the standard procedure, we will refer it to the Law Committee and the Committee on constitutionality, respectively, to decide on further action,” Tariceanu said at the end of the meeting of the ruling coalition.

Oana Florea, the chair of the parliamentary committee inquiring into the 2009 presidential election, said ten days ago that the meeting of the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition will also discuss the possibility to notify the Constitutional Court about a possible legal constitutional conflict between the Public Prosecution Office and Parliament, after the former refused to send the classified file on the presidential poll to Parliament.


Gov’t working on children’s mandatory vaccination bill


Calin Popescu-Tariceanu announced  that the government is working on the bill making children’s vaccination mandatory and that the piece of legislation is almost in its final form.

“The Premier informed us that the government is working on the bill on the children’s mandatory vaccination; I myself have taken a public stance in favor of the mandatory vaccination, having in view that a several decade-long experience shows that mortality or illness rates in children have dropped following the large-scale introduction of vaccines. Of course this has to be done with the approval of the doctor, because there are cases of children who cannot get the immunization shots because they have certain allergies or some other medical condition does not allow it, but for the overwhelming majority of the children, vaccination is extremely useful and must be done as it’s actually done in all EU countries,” Tariceanu said at the end of the ruling coalition’s meeting.


Operation of defence, public order, justice, undisrupted by so called ‘staff hemorrhage’


The operation of the large systems – defence, public order or justice – is not affected by the so-called staff “hemorrhage” triggered by the passage of the special pensions ordinance, Senate Chairman and leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Monday.

“From the information the Premier and the ministers who attended this meeting offered us, contrary to the media and public space hype about a so-called staff hemorrhage, as personnel quit the system following the enforcement of the special pensions ordinance, there is no way for this to happen. Of course, there are people who want to take advantage of the favorable conditions, but this does in no way endanger the operation of the large systems, I am referring here to defence, public order or justice,” Tariceanu said at the end of the meeting of the Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats ruling coalition.

Asked to express his opinion on the fact that concomitantly with the “wave of retirements on request” prompted at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence, the Romanian Intelligence Service, there is a trend of re-hiring the same personnel right the next day after retirement, the ALDE Chairman said that the amendment of the law at the beginning of the parliamentary session is envisaged, so as to put an end to such situations.

“We discussed the following with the Prime Minister, the Labor Minister and the other ministers: once the retirement application is lodged and the retirement takes effect there should no longer be the possibility of getting re-hired in the same office, position or in the same ministry or other ministries. People must decide – either they want to be retirees, or if they are fit for work, they should stay at the job. (…) The law will be changed in such a way as to cut short all possibilities of working in this dual system, so to say. … It is not fair you cannot be both an employee and also collect a pension. (…) If you feel unfit to continue work and want to retire, then you retire and that’s it. A bill will be probably put forward by government, we will decide in the next period,” the ALDE Chairman explained.

Tariceanu added that before the passage of such a measure, a minute inventory of the current situation is necessary, because “in many central and local administration institutions there are people who collect both a salary and a pension. And obviously, the measure to be taken should cover not only those who retire now, but everyone,” he said.