Sergiu Nicolaescu’s film “Carol I” to have its gala premiere on May 9

The film “Carol I” by Sergiu Nicolaescu, produced by MediaPro Pictures, will be officially premiered on May 9, at CinemaPro in Bucharest, film distributor MediaPro Distribution announces.

In the evening preceding the gala at CinemaPro, the film “Carol I” will be broadcasted at The Light cinema theatre in Bucharest. Director Sergiu Nicolaescu, who celebrated his 79th anniversary on Monday, has used a real quote from King Carol I: “I am proud to be German; and I am equally proud to be King of Romania.” The plot of the film takes place in the summer of 1914. At the age of 75, King Carol, the founder of modern Romania, lives a recluse life at the Peles Castle, beside Queen Elizabeth, his devoted wife and faithful friend. The monarch stoically endures the physical issues caused by his age. Yet, these are negligible, if compared to his moral tribulation. Carol I has a difficult position: his honour and family roots force him to join the war as the ally of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the public opinion demands that the country should remain neuter. The old King tries his hand at the Crown Council. He attempts to persuade the representatives of the nation to vote for the entrance in the war as an ally of the Central Powers.

King Carol I is played by Sergiu Nicolaescu, actress Marina Procopie was cast as Queen Elizabeth, and Andreea Macelaru Sofron performs the role of Queen Marie.

“Carol I” is one of the few Romanian films that feature King Carol I as a character. The King also appears in “Romania’s Independence” (1912, directed by Grigore Brezeanu, where the character is played by Aristide Demetriade), and “The Rest Is Silence” (2007, directed by Nae Caranfil, who has cast actor Alexandru Hasnas for this role).

The film represents a premiere in Romanian film making: the same actor performs the same character at two different ages: Sergiu Nicolaescu has previously played the part of King Carol in “For Our Country” (1977, directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu) and in “Carol I” (2009).

The cast also includes Razvan Vasilescu, Geo Dobre and Cristian Motiu.

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