Severe snowstorm alert in the South

Snowfalls and heavy winds continue to wreak havoc in Moldova. The blizzards advanced to the southern region, including Bucharest as of last night.  Forecasters might upgrade the weather alert.

Road traffic continues to be affected by snowfall and blizzard in Moldavia. Four national roads in Botosani, four county roads in Vaslui and one county road in Suceava are completely blocked. Here are the national roads that were unusable yesterday: National Road (DN) 24C Santa Mare – Radauti Prut; DN 29 Botosani – Manoleasa Prut; DN 29A Dorohoi – Radauti Prut; DN 29D Botosani-Stefanesti. Likewise, traffic was restricted for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons on DN 24C Vanatori – Bivolari. Moreover, four county roads continue to be closed off in Vaslui: County Road (DJ) 284 Arsura – Ghermanesti, DJ 247 Codaesti – Danesti; DJ 245A Lipovat – Bogdana; DJ 248B Negresti – Iasi. Traffic problems were registered in Suceava County too. 15 communal roads and DJ 208E Forasti – Manolea were impracticable yesterday morning. The local emergency committees worked on clearing them of snow. At the same time, meteorologists issued a snowstorm alert that will come into force on December 19, 2 AM, and will expire on December 20, 8 PM. During that period wind speeds will surpass 60-70 km per hour in Dobrogea, southern and eastern Muntenia and southern Moldavia. Those areas will also register snowfall, starting this afternoon in particular. Constanta, Tulcea, Giurgiu, Ialomita and Calarasi counties will register blizzards and low visibility. In the following days temperatures will drop throughout the country, severe cold to be registered at night and in the morning in eastern and central regions. At the same time, blackouts were registered in Vaslui, Botosani and Iasi counties, while in Bacau, Neamt and Suceava there were localities only partially supplied with electricity. The worst affected counties were Vaslui (blackouts in the Lacul Babei, Dragomiresti, Vinderei, Capusneni, Fundu Vaii, and Poienesti localities) and Botosani (blackouts in Mitoc, Horia, Crasnaleuca, Cotusca and Poiana localities). In Iasi County the Dagata locality has no electricity, while the Neamt, Suceava and Bacau counties have localities that register partial blackouts. On the other hand, the slight warm-up registered in recent days has caused victims. The icicles formed on top of the buildings have started to melt and have become a veritable danger. Several persons, including poet Mircea Dinescu’s wife, were injured. The woman ended up in hospital after a piece of ice fell on her from a building’s roof. The same happened to a young woman in Craiova who was injured by a large piece of ice that fell from the roof of a bank in downtown Craiova.

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