Short films evening NexT at Cervantes Institute in Bucharest


A series of short films presented at the previous editions of the International Film Festival NexT will be screened on Thursday at 7 pm at the Auditorium hall of the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest. Thus, the program proposed for Thursday night includes the short movies “El Encarcago” by Sergio Barejon, depicting the story of nine-year-old Martin who is responsible with keeping discipline in class during the absence of the teacher and “La boya/The buoy” by Mariano Salvador who presents a man who decides to swim till a buoy, going perilously far from the shore. There will also be the movies “Como conoci a tu padre” by Alex Montoya in which each couple has their story, one more romantic than another, “Marion” by Julian Zauzo, “Mystery/Misterio” by Chema Garcia Ibarra, “SUB” by Jossie Malis Alvarez, “The great race/La gran carrera” by Kote Camacho and “The chase/La huida” by Victor Carrey. The price of a ticket for this event is RON 7.