Six days/month of work to cover salary taxes

Romanians have to work six days a month to cover their taxes to the state, which is double compared to Ukrainians, recent data reveals. But neighboring Hungarians have to work an extra day to the same effect, according to a survey by Accace, a press release informs. The survey looked at six countries in the region, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic, and at employee with a net salary of EUR 1,000, on an eight-hour-a-day schedule, for 21 working days a month. The highest taxes paid by the employee, meaning social contributions and salary tax, are found in Hungary, followed by the Czech Republic and Romania, while Poland and Slovakia have the same level of taxes. In Ukraine, the tax level is the lowest. Romania ranks second to last among the six countries on the volume of taxes paid by the employer, with around EUR 400 in social contributions for a EUR 1,000 net salary. The highest amount of taxes paid by the employer is to be found in the Czech Republic, some EUR 500.

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