Snow, blizzards grip Romania

The snow and wind warning is into effect until today, 6.00 pm. Snowfalls have already caused traffic deadlocks.

Forecasters issued a snow and wind advisory into effect yesterday 6.00 am into today 6.00 pm. The forecast came true, unfortunately, with Dobrogea experiencing wind speeds of 55 km/h – 65 km/h, and up to 70 km/h in spotty areas. Snow fell yesterday across southwestern, central and northern Romania. The snow advisory for the counties of Mehedinti and Gorj was lifted yesterday 1.00 pm. Mehedinti had some snow-caused traffic deadlocks during yesterday. Traffic was slowed down on DN 67, as snow-clearing equipment couldn’t cope with the abundant snow, adding to which were skidding by motor vehicles lacking winter tires. According to the Mehedinti Co. Police Inspector Nicolae Lohon, all the rural police crews in the county, along with law enforcement and urban effective forces were at the scene. Car traffic was difficult yesterday morning on the DN 7 stretch Vilcea-Sibiu as well, at Racovita, after a truck skidded of the road and into a roadside cliff. Snow started falling in seven Romanian counties Tuesday evening, with most of the national roads in Gorj, Valcea, Caras-Severin, Maramures, Sibiu, Harghita and Covasna covered by snow.Warnings issued to local authorities At a videoconference with the prefects Wednesday, Interior Minister Mircea Dusa cautioned them that, while all the roads are practicable, improper road management would lead to sanctions. Dusa said there are still counties where snow clearing contracts have not been closed, and urged that they are done so at the soonest, adding that, if emergency calls for it, provisional contracts shall be entered with snow-clearing companies until the situation goes back to normal. He also asked police to keep checking on motor vehicles being equipped with snow tires and ban the access of heavy-duty vehicles unless properly equipped. Given the Sunday election, access roads should be cleared to ballot stations in order to allow citizens to vote.

Ten-day forecast

Snow is expected to fall today mostly in Moldavia and the eastern Carpathians area. Gusty spells of wind mainly in the eastern regions and in the mountains, with speed to exceed 60 km/h in spotty areas. Temperatures will fall to -6C, mostly in the mountainous areas.  Sleet and snow are forecast for today, but beyond Dec 8 as well, according to the forecast published by the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) for Dec 6 -16, 2012.  Temperatures will go up to a high of 3C until the last two days of the interval, when it will go down again.

Bucharest thermal power system damaged

Over 100 apartment buildings in the Bucharest areas of Pantelimon, Colentina, Vergului and Basarabia, as well as a school, a kindergarten and the  Malaxa Hospital were without heat and hot water yesterday due to damages to the thermal power system. According to heat operator RADET, the breakdowns are not major and the system will restored in two to three hours.



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