SocDems’ Dragnea: PSD runs alone in this fall’s general elections


The Social Democrat Party (PSD) is running alone in this general elections due on 11 December and will make alliances after the elections – a governing alliance, on Tuesday said this party’s head, Liviu Dragnea.

According to Dragnea, who made this statement at the headquarters of the National Institute for Holocaust Studies in Romania ‘Elie Wiesel’, to run alone was the wish of all of the PSD members, and his, too.

Liviu Dragnea added that the PSD ruling programme is completed, and yet it will be published in parts.

“My decision (…) is to never display our programme all at once, because we are interested that it is known and understood by as many Romanians, which is why we’ll present it sequentially. We don’t want to unveil all the material at a clap, because it is way too much information, even if many have told me it could be copied, plagiarized if presented in sequels, but I don’t care. Anyway, I’ve seen some attempts before, the people do not understand the meaning of some of our decisions, so we are going to display it in such a manner so that by the elections, the Romanians will have access to the normal amount of information to assimilate it,” concluded Dragnea.


“I’ll personally show Ciolos examples of lack of patriotism in his governance”


Head of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea on Tuesday said that he will personally show Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos examples of lack of patriotism in his governance, after the PM said Monday that he didn’t believe in “highfalutin speeches.”

“It seems there is a big difference between me and PM Ciolos – I don’t have people to post for me on my social media accounts. Everything I do, I do it myself and everything that I have there [on Facebook] is absolutely natural. [The PM’s speech] did not convince me and I decided to personally identify and show him examples of lack of patriotism during his tenure and I will show them step by step so that everybody can understand,” Dragnea said at the end of an economics conference in Bucharest.

Ciolos had said on Monday, at the end of a parliamentary plenary session, that country and patriotism are too profound concepts to take the to the public square in search for more votes.

“To me, patriotism doesn’t mean highfalutin speeches, it doesn’t mean words. To me, born and raised in the countryside, patriotism means first of all common sense, it means no lies, it means keeping one’s word and it means to only claim what you know how to do and nothing more. Not making promises, but allowing yourself to be judged according to your actions. To me this is patriotism and I don’t need lessons in patriotism. I don’t lecture others on it either. To me patriotism and country are too profound to take them to the public square to get more votes. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in being able to look Romanians in their eyes Romanian, holding my head high, over the term in office for which I have taken responsibility together with the rest of the Cabinet,” Ciolos said.