Statute of the party resulting from merger of PNL and PDL has been finalized

The mixed PNL-PDL commission has finalized the draft statute of the new party resulting from the merger of the two parties, with the PNL and PDL leaders set to take the political decision today, the main issue consisting of the new party’s name, political sources quoted by Mediafax stated. “The draft is finalized and this week will end with the leaders’ political decision. First of all we are talking about a name (of the new party – editor’s note) and markings. Everything else that has to do with the organizing is completed,” the aforementioned sources stated. Likewise, the draft entails the final and transitory stipulations that regulate the way the central leadership but also the county and local branches will function until the first internal elections that will take place in 2017. The joint leadership structure will be formed on the basis of the parity principle and will include the representatives of PNL and PDL’s current leadership structures. Likewise, also on Tuesday, this issue will be discussed within PNL’s National Political Bureau.

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