Surgeon Serban Bradisteanu, acquitted in the case of favouring Nastase

Serban Bradisteanu, the chief of the Cardiovascular Surgery ward of the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest, was acquitted yesterday by the supreme court of the charge of favouring former premier Adrian Nastase. The decision is not definitive and can be challenged at the same court. During the last court session, held in February, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) asked the Supreme Court to send Bradisteanu to prison, without possibility of parole, while his lawyers said that their client should be acquitted from the charge of delaying the verdict pronounced in June 2012 that sent Nastase in prison for 2 years, in the ‘Quality Trophy’ file. The prosecutor said that Serban Bradisteanu acted so that to hamper the judiciary institutions. According to DNA, when Nastase was taken to the Floreasca Hospital, Bradisteanu illegally admitted him in his ward in order to delay the mandate that was sending Nastase to prison. Ana Diculescu Sova, one of the legal team defending Bradisteanu, said that the accusations of the DNA are not founded and much of the evidence brought in the case are only pieces of information published by the press, and the surgeon committed no crime.


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