Survey: SRI and DNA slightly rise in population’s confidence

According to a survey conducted by INSCOP Research on July 1-6, ordered by the “Adevarul” newspaper, the institutions operating in the field of national order and security involved in sounding cases of corruption improved their image in the eyes of Romanians. Thus, in the hierarchy of confidence in executive institutions, the Army 67.6 pc (up from 66.1 pc in May) holds the first position, followed by the Gendarmerie, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), the National Bank of Romania (BNR), Police, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) and the National Integrity Agency (ANI).
Compared to the previous survey, the percent points that show the population’s confidence in political institutions are relatively stable, against the already noticed tendency of long-term decline. The only institutions which continue the slightly downward trend are those present in the usual quarrels, respectively Presidency, Government, Parliament. The confidence figures for July 2014 are: Municipalities – 40.9 pc (39.6 pc in May 2014), ther Constitutional Court – 31.2 pc (29.8 pc in May), County Councils – 29.6 pc (28.8 pc in May), Government – 28.6 pc (29.2 pc in May), Presidency – 20.2 pc (21.8 pc in May), Parliament – 16.5 pc (17.6 pc in May), political parties – 12.5 pc (10.5 pc in May).
“Municipalities and county councils return to their image of institutions rather political-administrative than political – in the sense of vote producers – once the European elections were left behind,” says Darie Cristea, project coordinator INSCOP Research.
On the other hand, the top of confidence in social or private institutions in May continues to be dominated by the Church – 62 pc much and very much confidence, against 63.1 pc in May. Last in the classification come employers’ associations and banks.
As for Romanians’ confidence in the international institutions, the hierarchy is as follows: NATO – 52.5 pc (50.1 pc in May 2014), UN – 47.6 pc (44.4 pc in May), EU – 43.9 pc (44.8 pc in May), European Parliament – 41.9 pc (40.2 pc in May), European Commission – 41.3 pc (39.7 pc in May), World Bank – 30.9 pc (29.2 pc in May) and IMF – 27.1 pc (23.9 pc in May). Only 21.4 pc of Romanians believe that things go the right direction in Romania, 69.1 pc of subjects think they are going in a wrong direction and 9.5 pc do not know or do not answer. The survey was made on 1,055 subjects, representative for the population aged 18 and above in Romania. The maximum admitted error is ± 3 pc, at a confidence degree of 95 pc.

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