Swoboda: R. Moldova is confronted by two risks – Traian Basescu and Russia

The Republic of Moldova presently is confronted by two risks: Russia and President Traian Basescu, socialist leader Hannes Swoboda said yesterday in Bucharest quoted by Mediafax, while criticising the president’s statements on uniting Romania and its neighbour country.
“Moldova presently is confronted by two risks, one is Russia and the other is President Basescu. And this is slightly odd for the president of a neighbour country,” Hannes Swoboda said in the conference dedicated to the inauguration of the project “Relauching Europe”.
Asked why he considers that President Basescu is a risk for the neighbour country, Swoboda explained that Moldova needs “its sovereignty being respected, needs solidarity against the Russian pressure that is visible once again,” and such statements can be interpreted as asking Moldova not to maintain its sovereignty and autonomy.
Hannes Swoboda visited yesterday the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HN) and the Magurele research platform (near Bucharest), where he found out about the current stage of the Romanian laser project. Swoboda also visited the micro- and nano-materials research platform of the University ‘Politehnica’ of Bucharest (UPB).
Costoiu: Romania will become full member of CERN in 2015
The scientific research field is one of a great importance for the Executive as Romania is to become full member of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 2015, Mihnea Costoiu, Minister-Delegate for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development, said on Monday, quoted by Agerpres.
‘According to the existing agreements with the CERN, Romania is currently an associate member of the European body and is to become full member in 2015. What we requested, the same as other European states did, is that our future investments should return in part to Romania. This is what we are negotiating right now for the manner in which Romania will contribute to the CERN,’ Costoiu said, during the visit at National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering together with Hannes Swoboda.

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