Szobi Cseh, posthumously decorated with the ‘Star of Romania’ by President


President Traian Basescu has signed, on Friday, the decree on the posthumous decoration of maestro Cseh I. Szabolcs-Imre (Szobi Cseh) with the ‘Star of Romania’ National Order, the Presidential Administration informs.

According to the quoted source, in sign of high appreciation for his talent and professionalism proven throughout his cinema, theatre and television career, for his dedication and abnegation with which he fought against negative social phenomena through new methods based on arts and sports, President Traian Basescu bestowed posthumously the ‘Star of Romania’ National Order in rank of Knight on maestro Cseh I. Szabolcs-Imre (Szobi Cseh).

The decoration was carried out at the proposal of President Traian Basescu.

On May 5, 2010, Minister of Culture Hunor Kelemen decorated Szobi Cseh with the National Order ‘Faithful Service’ in rank of Knight, through the decree signed by Traian Basescu in November 2009.

Szobi Cseh has died on Friday at the Fundeni Clinical Institute, after a long struggle with his illness, following severe renal, hepatic, cardiac and pulmonary complications that did not respond to intensive applied treatment.