Talks on PNL-PDL merger, wrapped up

Blaga: You will have your answers on Thursday. Sources of the negotiating teams revealed that the new party will be called PNL.

The PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) chairman, Vasile Blaga, on Wednesday said that, with respect to the ongoing negotiations between the PDL and the PNL (the National Liberal Party) related to the statute, name, party anthem and the headquarters of the future political entity to result from the merger, he will satisfy everyone’s curiosity on Thursday.
‘Tomorrow (e.n. today) you will all have your answers, as soon as our second round of debates ends, related to the name to be given to the new entity to result from the merger, the party anthem, the headquarters and all the other problems that are to be included in our statute, with emphasis on shaping our policy on defending the rule of law state, all these answers you will have tomorrow,’ Blaga stated on Wednesday before the meeting of the National Standing Bureau (BPN) of the PDL. As for the protocol of the alliance with the Civic Force, the PDL leader revealed that discussions are already in an advanced stage and they will probably be concluded on Monday.
Early on Wednesday, the negotiating teams of PNL and PDL held fresh talks, at the end of which Catalin Predoiu and Ludovic Orban announced that discussions were wrapped up, and the two sides reached an agreement on the statute, name and merger protocol of the new party. “We concluded these talks, absolutely all elements, the outcome of the negotiations, will be made public after being subject to the leadership structures of the two parties. In less than one hour, we shall make known the outcome of the discussions of the PDL National Political Bureau,” Predoiu announced. PDL’s first vice president said the decision made by the negotiating teams also regards the name of the new party, but he refused to reveal the name.
Sources of the negotiation teams, quoted by Mediafax, said the future party will be called PNL. This decision was to be approved on Wednesday by the National Political Bureau of PNL, as well as by the standing delegation of the Liberals on Monday.
Johannis: PNL’s candidate for President decided on July 21
PNL leader Klaus Johannis said on Tuesday at the end of the Standing Delegation meeting that the PNL-PDL Joint Congress will be held on July 26, when the parties’ merger will be decided, and PNL will announce its candidate for President on July 21.

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