Tariceanu at the Supreme Court


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu showed up at the High Court of Justice (ICCJ) on Tuesday, where a new court hearing was scheduled in the case in which he is indicted for perjury and being an accessory.

The trial is taking place in the preliminary chamber and the press was not given access.

In the same case, Dorin Marian, former presidential aide during Emil Constantinescu’s presidential term and former head of the Premier’s Chancellery during Calin Popescu-Tariceanu’s term in office, is accused of perjury.

According to the DNA, as part of the investigation in the case concerning the illegal restitution of a section of the Snagov Forest and of the Baneasa Farm, on 15 April 2016, while under oath, Tariceanu made false statements about essential aspects of the case and did not reveal everything he knew about essential circumstances, thus seeking to prevent/delay the holding accountable of the defendants investigated in the case that had been sent to court.

Thus, Tariceanu falsely claimed that he was not aware that plots of land located in Baneasa (the former royal farm) and Snagov (the Fundul Sacului forest section) had been handed back to Paul Philippe Al Romaniei, was not aware that defendants Tal Silberstein, Beny Steinmetz, Moshe Agavi and other persons were involved in the restitution procedures, nor of the sale documents involving these properties.

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu is also accused of making false statements and not revealing everything he knew about his relationship with defendants Tal Silberstein, Dan Catalin Andronic and Remus Truica, about the meetings and talks he had with the latter, meetings and talks that focused on the public notary taxes owed for the transactions involving the aforementioned properties, and about the way the claimed properties had been obtained and turned to profit.

“In the same context, the defendant also pointed out that he did not have a close relationship with defendant Marcovici Marius, while at the same time hiding the fact that he knew of the latter’s relationship with defendant Tal Silberstein. At the same time, defendant Popescu Tariceanu Calin Constantin Anton falsely stated he did not introduce Tal Silberstein to other Romanian politicians,” the prosecutors state.

Likewise, Dorin Marian is accused that, in the context of the investigation into the same case, on 28 April 2016, he made false statements and did not reveal what he knew about the employment of Marius Andrei Marcovici as personal aide within Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu’s Chancellery following the latter’s agreement with Tal Silberstein.

According to prosecutors, Dorin Marian falsely stated that he was not aware of Marcovici’s activity and job description. Marcovici was known in political circles as “Tal’s guy.”


Senate Speaker, annoyed by journalists


While waiting at the Supreme Court, Calin Popescu Tariceanu refused to answer journalists’ questions. Moreover, the crowd of journalists blocked his way, annoying Tariceanu.

Journalists swarmed around Calin Popescu Tariceanu at the High Court of Justice, where the Senate Speaker was waiting to show up before magistrates. Tariceanu refused to answer any questions and avoided the cameras.

“I would like to ask you not to shove me. (…) This isn’t a press conference room. It’s the High Court, I’m sorry. I won’t answer any questions! Don’t insist with your questions, I’m not going to answer any of them. I told you: this isn’t a conference room!” Tariceanu told journalists.

Tariceanu’s reaction came after he had previously stated, when he showed up at the DNA, that the anticorruption prosecutors’ goal is to tarnish his image in view of the upcoming parliamentary elections.