Tariceanu calls for the restoration of USL

In a letter to PNL, former liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu criticises the president of the party, Crin Antonescu, whom he accuses of suppressing the freedom of expression in the party, while demanding the restoration of the Social Liberal Union (USL). “Almost 25 years ago, when I joined the National Liberal Party, I did it because I saw in this party a true respect for the right to free speech. Today, under the management of the acting leaders, free speech does not exist anymore, as it was replaced with and authoritarian leadership. (…) I was the president of the party myself, and I also was a regular member. But never has the party been led by personal pride and vendettas. (…) I have to admit that I am revolted by the latest events, by the authoritarian attitudes and positions displayed by Mr. Antonescu. (…) For 5 years, I was president of the National Liberal Party and I remember the tough – and sometimes out of place – criticism voiced against me by the acting president of PNL. But I never considered the variant of expelling him from the party (…),” Tariceanu wrote, quoted by Realitatea.net.

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