Text of censure motion against Gov’t presented in Parliament

Antonescu: absence of PM from no-confidence motion reading, sign of political arrogance. The vote is expected to take place on Monday.

The liberal MPs had an exemplary attendance yesterday despite the fact that it was the day before last of election campaign for the MEP elections, as they were present in the Parliament plenum at the presentation of the no-confidence motion text: “…after all, quorum is important and … the vote during the debate and the vote itself. But they are here and ready (the PNL MPs),” said Antonescu, quoted by Mediafax.
The PNL leader was dissatisfied with the fact that the PM missed the reading of the motion, saying this is a sign of political arrogance,” like Ponta labeled in 2012 the absence of PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu from the motion reading. Crin Antonescu said at the end of the united plenum session that the only parliamentary group with a significance presence at the session where the motion was read was PNL and that several PDL MPs also took part, most likely who signed the motion as well. “The fact that the ruling majority failed to come, at least as physical presence, is a sign of how much respect they pay to the opposition, not to those who initiated the motion or to PNL, but to the democratic procedures and the Parliament institution.” He added that the liberal presence at the Parliament will be full during the debate of the no-confidence motion, an event that takes place on May 26. The PNL leader said he has no reason to rely on the vote of Calin Popescu Tariceanu at the Monday vote. “I believe there are others who can count on his vote,” added Antonescu.
Prime vice-chairman of PNL Klaus Johannis is not very sure regarding the chances of success of the Opposition measure. Inquired on Thursday during a press conference whether, in his opinion, the Government will fall following the vote of no-confidence or that submitting it was only a campaign exercise of the liberals, Johannis answered: “It is an exercise of democracy. It is the strongest instrument available to the opposition to show the public opinion they do not agree with what the Government is doing and this is the message we want to offer and warn about some measures, about some approaches, which we deem fundamentally wrong.” He added, though, that he does not believe the motion will lead to the fall of the Government.
On the other hand, Johannis says that, after watching the entire country during the election campaign, the liberals have a good position and he is optimistic about the results of the elections on Sunday. “The absence at voting is a problem and it is something that could be exploited by those who do not want to meet the wish of the voter. An absence leads to the question whether the vote is popular or rather due to the party activists,” said the liberal. Inquired about the possibility of USL remaking after the elections on May 25, Johannis firmly rejected the idea: “Do you want me to laugh out loud or to chuckle? … No matter the results of the elections, USL is not going to be rebuilt.” PM Victor Ponta has a different opinion, who said during a press conference held in Timisoara that the “PNL minds” should understand that USL is a joint project in which people still believe.

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