The Ballet Flamenco Español performs for the first time at the Palace Hall , in an exceptional choreographic show


On May 15, starting at 20.00 the Palace Hall from Bucharest will host an extraordinary event created by Ballet Flamenco Español.

11 professional dancers, accompanied by 5 other perfect musicians, will conquer the audience with a unique choreographic show, based on which are the most complex elements of the traditional flamenco style, combined with the modern ones. The ballet company consisting of solists of the best flamenco bands in the world, led by the famous choreographer Tito Osuna, was established in order to show to the entire world what both the classical Spanish dance and the flamenco dance mean, since these two styles are often deemed to be as one.

The show to be performed in only a few days at the Palace Hall from Bucharest will be structure in three parts, each one having the role to present a different side of the Spanish dance. The first part – Bolero by Ravel, is a fusion between the classical Spanish dance and flamenco. It is a style that is studied in detail, in which strength, rhythm changes and the light game predominate. In the second part – Zapateado by Mozart, performed by two of the soloist members, the richness of the musical accents, contrasts and syncope specific to a reverie will be reproduced. The last part of the show is called Flamenco in Live. The choreography is inspired by the union of some elements that are absolutely necessary in flamenco, the aesthetic nature and the expressiveness. They have the power to transmit the pure essence of the flamenco dance. In this part of the show, there will be moments in which vivacity and the alert rhythm predominate, as well as the harmonious mixture of traditional and modern elements, in a passionate, cheerful and exciting story. This is the moment in which flamenco appears just as it is: a poetry of grace and virtuosity of the movement of the feet, a dance of happiness and joy.

Tito Osuna comes from a family dedicated to art. Since he was a child, he studied piano, harp and classical ballet. He also studied the light design and collaborated with numerous ballet companies such as the Maya Plisetskaya Ballet, the Julio Bocca Ballet from Munich, the Ballet of Sofia, the National Ballet of Cuba and more. He travelled all over the world and he was part of projects that brought thousands of spectators in the greatest performance halls of the world.

The tickets for the Ballet Flamenco Español show are available both online at,,,,, and at the selling points of the agencies and at the ticket office of the Palace Hall.