The hacker “Guccifer” who broke the e-mail accounts of Colin Powell and George Bush, extradited to USA


On Friday, the High Court of Cassation and Justice (HCCJ) decided that Marcel Lazar Lehel, known as “Guccifer” hacker, will be temporary extradited to USA. He will be trialed after he broke the e-mail accounts of some American celebrities, the most publicized case being the one of Colin Powell but also of public persons from Romania.

On 19th February, the Court of Appeal from Timisoara rejected the request of the American authorities, who have appealed, winning in the Supreme Court.

HCCJ’s decision was taken with the majority of the votes – two of the three judges from the panel – and it will be implemented as soon as the takeover procedures will be ended at the level of police authorities.

The Supreme Court established that the extradition is temporary, for no longer than 18 months, during which Lehel can stay in USA for the judicial procedures. If he is convicted there, he will take a new penalty in Romania.

FBI official required the extradition of Marcel Lazar Lehel, alias Guccifer, to respond in front of the USA Court because he broke the email accounts of some celebrities and revealed their private correspondence.

Marcel Lazăr Lehel, the hacker know under the name of “Guccifer” or “Little Smoke” become a celebrity after he broke the e-mail accounts of some public persons from Romania, as the one of the ex-director of SRI, George Maior, currently the Romanian Ambassador in USA. He was sentenced in June 2014 by Bucharest Court to seven years of jail.

DIICOT accused Marcel Lazar Lehel than, during 2013, he repeatedly and without any right accessed, violating the security measures, the e-mail accounts owned by public persons from Romania, in order to get confidential information found in the electronic mail.

Among the persons who had the e-mail accounts broken by “Guccifer”, lies the European Commissioner Corina Cretu but also current or ex American officials, including Colin Powell, members of Bush and Rockefeller families and some celebrities from Romania and USA.