The Liberals hold firm on positions

Iohannis: “Each day, the chances of a positive solution to this situation” are diminishing.

The liberals are decided to hold their ground in the dispute with PSD over governance in USL. The first vice-president of USL, Klaus Iohannis, proposed by PNL for the offices of vice-premier and minister of Interior, says that PNL will not give up the idea and expects an answer from PSD on Monday, also adding that PNL is ready to go in opposition anytime, although this is not what it wants. “PNL cannot renounce, because these positions have been reaffirmed in the last meeting of the BPN,” Iohannis said Thursday in a press conference, when asked if PNL is willing to give up the office of vice-premier and minister of Interior. Iohannis also mentioned that PNL “is prepared to take the governance or enter the opposition anytime if things will go this way.” He did not want to make a scenario of PNL moving to the opposition, as long as “PNL actually tries to enter the governance.” “We are in a crisis, this is not a serious crisis, it cannot compare to the crises of our neighbours. PNL and PSD disagree over the reshuffling of the government, we are in full process of negotiation (…),” Klaus Iohannis added. Asked if early elections are necessary, Iohannis answered that Romania is not experiencing “a general political crisis, but a crisis of the government which does not make it necessary to call early elections, as the only thing that is needed is to solve the crisis.”
The vice-president of PNL however admits that the talks between PSD and PNL are “at an impasse” and “each day, the chances of a positive solution to this situation” are diminishing, which is a hint that “PSD wants to continue without PNL.” “If this PSD or this new USD were desired, one could even completely avoid the blockage. We have been waiting for two weeks to see the reshuffling which we proposed take place, and all kind of pretexts are found against it,” Iohannis mentioned.
Antonescu – president of Romania with or without USL, with or without USD
Klaus Iohannis firmly stated that liberal leader Crin Antonescu will be the president of Romania “with or without USL, with or without USD.” Asked if PNL is ready to have its own presidential candidate without PSD, Iohannis answered: “Not only we are prepared, but we already have our own candidate. Crin Antonescu will be the president of Romania with or without USL, with or without USD.” “PNL moves at full speed toward the presidential elections, in order to win them, not just make act of presence,” Iohannis affirmed, adding that Antonescu “emerged reinforced” from the discussions with Ponta and “there is no fractioning in PNL.”
Basescu: I publicly urge PM Ponta to accept PNL’s Iohannis as his deputy
President Traian Basescu stepped in once again in USL dispute, calling on Wednesday the two leaders of the Social Liberal Union (USL) Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta to ‘return to reason’ and asking Prime Minister Ponta to accept the request of the National Liberal Party (PNL) of appointing Liberal Klaus Iohannis as Deputy Prime Minister. “There is no end of the world if Iohannis is Deputy Prime Minister”. Referring to Antonescu and Ponta, Basescu said they both are immature playing at Government.
Internal dispute: Iliesiu resigns from PNL
Senator Sorin Iliesiu, who recently demanded the resignation of Crin Antonescu from the top position in PNL, announced in a third open letter that he resigns from PNL. “I did not expect the speaker of the Senate of Romania (Crin Antonescu) to call me <<thickhead>>, respectively a moron, a dummy, a fool or an idiot, and then to order my expulsion” Iliesiu wrote in his letter.
Meeting between Antonescu and the charge d’affaires of the USA
After holding talks Wednesday, at the government HQ, with PM Ponta, the charge d’affaires of the US Embassy in Bucharest, Duane Butcher on Thursday met PNL leader and Senate speaker Crin Antonescu. “During the discussion, the president of PNL emphasised that, ever since the founding of USL, the liberals were a loyal partner in the Government and the Parliament and reiterated the hope that the other important party of the coalition, PSD, really wishes to preserve the alliance and respect the massive vote of citizens for USL, which legitimised the acting government. On the same occasion, Crin Antonescu said that (….) the liberal lawmakers will continue to do whatever is necessary in order to get the law of amnesty and pardon rejected by the Chamber of Deputies,” reads a communique quoted by Mediafax.

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