The photo exhibition “The Soldier Queen” opened at the Pelisor Castle


Those who wish to see another side of Queen Marie of Romania, namely the Soldier Queen, have this opportunity by visiting the exhibition opened at the Pelisor Castle in Sinaia, Prahova County.

The “Romania Culturala” Association and the Peles National Museum organize from October 29 to November 29, 2017, the photo exhibition called “The Soldier Queen”; the works are exhibited in the Hall of Honor of the Pelisor Castle in Sinaia. The 45 photo panels reveal the Sovereign of Romania – Queen Marie, the one who wished to join the suffering of the Romanian people one hundred years ago, during the World War I, intensely involving in the health care service, organizing campaign hospitals, social canteens, shelters for poor people, food stores and others.

Being the Queen of Romania since 1914 until 1927, the World War I makes Queen Marie a national hero. She participates actively in the front, encourages wounded and soldiers in the hottest battle places, she is not afraid of bullets or epidemics, exanthemous typhus or Spanish flu, of wounds or poverty. Thus, Queen Marie ends up by being also called “Mother Queen”, “Mother of the Wounded” and “Soldier Queen”; she was also an honorary commander of the 4th Regiment “Rosiori”, which was called by her name and whose uniform she dressed, also being a skillful rider.

“She is the only queen who, in those difficult times, wasn’t afraid of bullets, bombs and even epidemics, being seen every day in the campaign hospitals to ease the pain of those who were suffering, to share medicines, food and blankets to the wounded soldiers or to those who got typhus. And she didn’t stop here. Dressed up in the customary medical nurse uniform, our queen went even on the front, going down without fear in the “trenches of the death” to encourage her soldiers. For his courageous behavior in the World War I, General Prezan decorated her with the war medal – the Military Virtue of the 1st Class, while the Count of Saint Aulaire – the French Minister in Romania, gave her the Golden Medal of Epidemics and the War Cross (La Croix de Guerre). Since then, Queen Marie was also called “the Soldier Queen”, according to the organizers of the exhibition.