Three more investigations at Bucharest schools following complaints

Teacher at Scoala Centrala accused of humiliating her pupils.

The case involving a teacher at School No.10 who requested money from parents for Christmas gifts for members of the school staff has opened a veritable Pandora’s Box, as several similar cases have been reported to the police. Investigations are currently being conducted at three schools in Bucharest, although cases have also been reported at village schools.
ISMB (School Inspectorate of Bucharest) officials stated investigations are underway at ‘Sf. Andrei’ Gymnasium, ‘Nicolae Iorga’ High School, and Colegiul National ‘Costin C. Kiritescu’ in Bucharest, which will be finalized no later than Friday. “We are talking about a notification submitted by the Ministry of Education, by Minister Remus Pricopie himself, another notification filed by a parent, and a third one related to a previous situation the press has only now picked up, namely the case at ‘Sf. Andrei’ School,” the spokesperson for ISMB stated, as cited by Mediafax. The notifications refer to money being requested for the class fund, as well as other educational management aspects, he concluded.
Another case was reported on Friday to the Sixth Police Precinct in Bucharest by the father of a child who attends Scoala Centrala. He told law enforcement officers that children are being humiliated by their teacher, who has designated a special corner in the classroom where punished children are forced to go sit and hit their heads against the wall. The man said at least two pupils are in this situation, according to sources inside the Bucharest Police Department. In his complaint, the father also stated pupils are forced to pay fees for entering various contests.
A similar case is being looked into by prosecutors in Iasi. They have taken notice of the case following the corruption case at Colegiul National ‘Mihail Sadoveanu’ in Pascani involving a Physical Education teacher. The parent of a 9th grade pupil told reporters in Pascani the PE teacher had requested RON 50 as bribe in exchange for justifying the pupil’s truancy. The money was allegedly reserved for a sports competition. The teacher admitted to taking RON 50 from the girl’s parent, but he claims the latter had forced his hand by making incessant phone calls. The prosecution has an audio recording of the teacher in question insulting pupils in the class he was a form teacher of for collecting money to purchase a new piece of furniture behind his back and handing it over to another teacher at the high school.
Meanwhile, one of the parents from teacher Dana Blandu’s class was questioned yesterday at Police headquarters. At the end of the questioning, she said parents had given money for the gifts to keep everyone happy, but they were offended by the teacher’s complaints. “We gave money for the gifts and tried to keep everyone happy, but that lady’s complaints offended us. She hadn’t offended us before December, but she always pointed to us indirectly during parent’s meetings what we should do and buy,” she stated.
Also yesterday, the woman who denounced the teacher published an open letter in the press, in which she explains why she decided to denounce the teacher. After notifying the school principal of the case, she says, she realized it was not being taken seriously, so she released the recordings to the press. “I was taught not to give in and accept things without understanding them, but fight when I feel I am being wronged. This is what I did. This and nothing more,” the mother said. In the letter, she also wonders why the teacher was allowed to teach for another week after the scandal broke out, and asks herself what will happen if the court finds her innocent and she goes back to teaching. “I am appalled at this woman’s audacity to request to be reinstated and at the chances that this might happen, but I also hope we will not allow it. In the end, TOGETHER WE HAVE THE POWER TO STAND AGAINST THE CURRENT,” the letter concludes.

Investigation regarding child injured at kindergarten

The School Inspectorate of Bucharest is also investigating a possible case of violence at ‘Scufita Rosie’ Kindergarten. The father of a three-year-old girl told the police his daughter needed to be taken to hospital after sustaining inches long cuts on her chin. The incident was reported by the kindergarten teacher. “My wife spoke to the kindergarten teacher, who apologized and said she knows nothing about it, as she works in the afternoon shift. My wife and the kindergarten teacher then went over to the bed our daughter usually sleeps in and noticed a blood stain on the sheets,” the parent stated.

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