Three-quarters of wheat exports go to five states


Egypt, South Korea, Libya, Tunisia and Syria are the major five markets for the Romanian wheat, with orders amounting to 3.1 million tonnes, growing 14 times since four years ago, when these five markets were at the bottom of the rankings and had a minor importance for the cereal traders on the Romanian market. data indicate that the top five markets for the Romanian wheat cover 76 percent of the total exports in the current season 2013-2014, meaning that the prices obtained by the Romanian farmers from the multinational traders are built in accordance with the quotations at the bids held in Cairo or Seoul.

“Romania is perceived as an exporter of wheat for bread or for fodder like last year. There are many farmers who produce quality merchandise regardless of the climatic conditions,” explain Victor Beznea, CEO of Prutul Agri Trade.

As a comparison, during the 2010/2011 season the export markets for wheat were equally shared among the community and extra-community economies.

The South-East Asia economies were the most constant clients for the Romanian wheat over the past four seasons with orders between 700,000 and 800,000 tonnes. Bangladesh reduced their orders by three quarters and Sri Lanka, Vietnam and South Korea appeared on the map, increasing their orders to Romania by almost four times. It is also for the first time when Japan ordered 40,000 tonnes of local product.