TIFF 2014 kicked off

Tudor Giurgiu announces the launch of project “TIFF saves Movie Storehouse”.

Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) started on Friday night in Cluj-Napoca as festival director Tudor Giurgiu announced the launch of the project “TIFF saves the Movie Storehouse,” aiming to revitalize a former storehouse of RADEF in a city that might become the first movie museum in Romania. “We have 217 movies at TIFF, a maturity edition, we try to innovate this year as well… The project is part of the campaign “Save the big screen,” in which we initiate a major debate about the cinemas in Romania, a country in which 78 per cent of the cities have no cinema. The cinemas are dying across the country and no one cares, they are endangered,” said Giurgiu quoted by Mediafax. “The movie storehouse” in Cluj-Napoca was a storehouse for RADEF Romaniafilm and is currently a derelict area, filled with thousands of abandoned movies. The area will be temporarily closed as a projection area for TIFF.
A number of 217 movies from 55 states, concerts, exhibitions, master-classes, debates and parties will take place during the 13th edition of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF). The screenings started on Friday morning, with the movies devoted to the kids, during the program EducaTIFF. At Victoria Cinema, the movie “To Be and to Have (Etre and Avoir)” directed by filmmaker Nicolas Philibert was screened on Friday morning, celebrated this year at the 3X3 section. Voted “The Best Documentary” during the Awards of the European Movie Academy in 2002, “To Be and to Have” is the story of a unique class in a French village, where all kids are taken care of by a teacher. Transylvania International Film Festival is organized by the Association to Promote Romanian Films and the Association for Film and Urban Culture. This year, TIFF Cluj-Napoca will take place between May 30 and June 8, TIFF Bucharest will take place between June 10 and 19 and TIFF Sibiu between June 25 and 29.

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