TIFF, part of the Best Fest Film Series in New York

The Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) will be presented next month in New York, at the Best Fest Film Series event initiated by The Town Hall cultural centre and its artistic manager, M.A. Papper, an event meant for celebrating the most interesting ten film festivals around the globe. The Town Hall, which is a historic building inaugurated back in 1921, is considered among the traditional brands of New York City, hosting concerts, theatre and dance shows and lecture sessions. Every year these events gather more than 200,000 audience.
The Best Fest Film Series will begin on February 3, with a special evening devoted to TIFF, to be presented by the Festival’s artistic manager, Mihai Chirilov. He will talk about the selection of the films for the Festival, concept and about what makes TIFF so unique among the international festival of its kind, he will present the original posters of each of the twelve editions and also a few of the most memorable trailers in the history of the festival, specified a release of TIFF. ‘The Town Hall’s decision to include the TIFF in this first selection for the Best Fest Film Series and the fact that we will be present on a Broadway stage honours us. More than that, the singularity of this initiative and the fact that the TIFF opens this series devoted to the most exciting international festivals worldwide, gave me the chance to create a programme for an entire evening, which I hope it will be very fun to watch for everybody in the audience,’ said Mihai Chirilov, as quoted by Agerpres.
During the evening devoted to TIFF, the audience will have the chance to watch an outstanding film, ‘Of Snails and Men’, directed by Tudor Giurgiu. ‘Audience members will be given a rare opportunity to see outstanding films, learn about arts and film culture in international destinations, and experience the best and most exciting film festivals worldwide as introduced by their own organisers,’ said the announcement of the official website of The Town Hall. Among the other festivals included in the selection for the first edition of the Best Fest Film Series are the Slamdance Film festival (US), the Rotterdam International Film Festival (the Netherlands) or the Morelia International Film Festival (Mexico).
The TIFF was inaugurated 12 years ago in Cluj-Napoca, now being the most coherent and important cultural event in this city, which is also the reason why it was included on the list of projects based on which the authorities hope to win their chance to become a 2012 European Cultural Capital. At last year’s edition of the Festival, an audience of 62,000 people watched the more than 400 screenings and events, in the ten days of the festival. TIFF is organised by the Association for Romanian Film Promotion, its 13th edition following to take place this year, between May 30 and June 8, in Cluj-Napoca.

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