Tiriac – Telekom Arena Skating Rink has officially presented the junior hockey teams set up with the support of the sponsors: Telekom, Dedeman, Skoda, Allianz-Tiriac and Simona Halep


On Wednesday the representatives of the Tiriac – Telekom Arena Skating Rink, together with those of the Ion Tiriac Foundation, officially presented the junior hockey teams set up during the last year of activity with the support of the sponsors: Telekom R, Dedeman, Skoda, Simona Halep and Allianz-Țiriac.

The teams consist of 9 to 14 players aged between 4 and 10. Thus, the Telekom team has players from 7 to 9 years old, the Dedeman team’s players are aged between 5 and 7, Skoda has players from 4 to 7 years old, while Simona Halep and Allianz-Tiriac teams have players aged from 7 to 10, respectively from 9 to 10.


“I must thank to our partners for making this door of the skating rink to be opened every morning at six o’clock, until eight or nine o’clock in the evening, when the children’s program is over, so all of them can skate for free. The maintenance costs of this skating rink reach between EUR 600,000 and 700,000 per year. Thank you for joining us, for the kids” Ion Tiriac stated at the press conference that preceded the event.

Dedeman and Telekom are the first hockey teams set up in the spring 2017 at the Tiriac – Telekom Arena Skating Rink. They were followed by the Simona Halep (only girls), Skoda and Allianz – Tiriac teams, during the year – so that the last two mentioned teams activate in hockey since only a few months.

Little hockey players are training themselves at the Tiriac – Telekom Arena Skating Rink under the guidance of coaches George Iustinian, Ion Dimache and Dan Popovici, coordinated by Eduard Pana – Emeritus Master of Sport.

The children are practicing hockey for less than one year and started by following the courses for initiation in skating organized for free at the skating rink from Monday to Friday.

The junior hockey teams set up at the skating rink are already taking part in local and national competitions, obtaining results that promise to revitalize the Romanian ice sports.

At the Wednesday’s event, children paraded and were applauded by the Communication Manager of Telekom Romania, Ruxandra Voda as well as by the CEO of Porsche Romania, Brent Valmar, the CEO of Allianz Tiriac, Virgil Soncutean, the Marketing Manager of Dedeman, Catalin Ivan, and by the Honorary President of the Tiriac Foundation, Ilie Nastase.

Tiriac – Telekom Arena is an unprecedented project, the only skating rink in the Bucharest-Ilfov complying with the latest international Olympic regulations and with the guidelines of the International Hockey Federation. It mainly aims at encouraging children and young people to practice sports and supporting the sports teams in reaching the highest performances.

The initiative of the Ion Tiriac Foundation to make ice sports accessible to children is supported by Telekom Romania, Allianz-Tiriac, Dedeman and Skoda.