Trade with Ukraine reached: USD 1.72 bln in first 11 months of 2013

The level of the trade exchanges between Romania and Ukraine had been USD 1.72 bln in November 2013, up by 2.3 percent from the same time span if 2012, say the official data that were presented on Tuesday, during the bilateral meeting between Minister of Economy Andrei Dominic Gerea and Teofil Bauer, Ukraine’s Ambassador in Bucharest. According to a press release exports accounted for USD 1.157 bln (up by 18 percent) and imports, for USD 563 M (down by 8.1 percent) of all the Romanian-Ukrainian trade exchanges. The balance of payments was USD 594 M in favour of Romania and the final statistical data for 2013 might point to the highest level of Romanian exports in the history of the bilateral trade relations, reads the above-mentioned source.
During the talks held by the two officials they approached the subject of the negotiations for regulating the problems resulting from Romania’s participation in building the combine at Krivoi Rog. In this respect the Romanian official requested the support of his interlocutor for the groups of experts to meet as soon as possible with a view to resuming the dialogue and finding some solutions to the Krivoi Rog problem more rapidly. The Ukrainian side said that talks should be held at experts’ level, without being directly connected to or without influencing other cooperation actions and the development of the bilateral economic relations.
On the other hand, Minister Gerea mentioned Romania’s willingness to be the host of the second session of the Romanian-Ukrainian joint commission on economic, industrial and technical and scientific cooperation and a possible time to organize it could by June 2014. Moreover, the two sides agreed to organize an economic forum, possibly when the joint commission is held, with much participation and mobilization of the businesspeople of the two countries, with the active involvement of the Romanian-Ukrainian bilateral Chamber of Commerce.

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