Traian Basescu splits PDL into two


Through a TV intervention visibly in favour of his political protégé Elena Udrea, the president sparks fratricide war in his soul party.

Having announced her intention to run for president of the Democratic Liberal Party lat Tuesday, the former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea on Thursday received a substantial helping hand from her political mentor, Traian Basescu, who gave her the courage to start an enraged attack on current PDL President Vasile Blaga. In an interview on B1TV, Traian Basescu said Elena Udrea could meet the profile of a PDL leader, noting it was he who had taught her politics and that the ex-minister ought to ‘drop those purses with which she had walked into politics, exchange them for some cheaper ones’ and also give up on the heels. ‘Elena Udrea was brought up as a politician by me. She learnt politics from me. (…) She has endurance, she is an intelligent lady, she wants to do things, she is ambitious and she is a right-wing personality. One cannot make a left-wing person out of Elena Udrea even if you threaded her underfoot or took away her heels’, Basescu also said. As far as the president is concerned, Udrea has a chance to become president of PDL in a  f become prsedient pof PDL  chnce to win r heels’, Basescu also said. me. (… might be Emil Boc. air convention, but recommended her to step aside if she realised that the PDL Convention has been fixed ‘as it now appears to be’.

He criticised the current PDL leaders and Vasile Blaga for having ousted Emil Boc’s team from the top of the party after the local election in June 2012, as well as for the poor result in the December parliamentary election. Basescu also said PDL resembled FSN on the inside and that it could no longer help him fulfil his objectives as president. The president also noted that, in the previous months, he had tried to ‘isolate’ himself from PDL representatives – both Vasile Blaga and Mihai Razvan Ungureanu – but on Monday (today – a/n) he would ask to see them both to discuss party matters. Asked if he had considered the risk of the meeting being interpreted as interference with PDL affairs, Basescu said: ‘No, because Basescu will not go there to put a voting ballot into the box at the Convention’.

At the same time, the president did not exclude the idea of him returning to his soul party upon the end of his presidential term in 2014. ‘I said I would not go back. But, again, I also said I would resign in the following five minutes…’ Basescu said, laughing.

Traian Basescu also stressed that PDL at present had a very suitable presidential candidate within, noting it was a man and that the current leaders of the party had a problem about ‘picturing tomorrow’. The president refused to say the name of that candidate, but said it was a young man. Most PDL members asked who that person could be said it might be Emil Boc.

Udrea: Yes, Sir!

Elena Udrea read Traian Basescu’s message instantly. ‘I truly believe that, in politics, a lady must eventually accept that less coquetry won’t hurt. So, if that’s the key to resolving the perception issue, it’s Ok, a purse is not as indispensable as the telephone or the iPhone,t  after all’, the PDL MP told RFI Romania. She added that, in PDL, the competition should be carried out ‘with honesty and completely’ and that she would win, noting that President Basescu’s approach   was similar to what many of the party members and leaders thought.

In a press conference in Roman, the former minister unleashed against the current PDL leaders, saying that the party had lost its electorate because it had begun to look a lot like PSD. Udrea further said there was ‘no more communication between the top and the base of the party’, and that PDL leaders were afraid to stand before the people. e was cer said t like PSD. Sit had begun to look leashed against the current PDL leaders, saying trhga


Blaga, ironical

PDL President Vasile Blaga said on Friday that Traian Basescu was stepping into an internal party competition a second time, while the competition had ‘not even begun’. He added that 22 M Romanians know Traian Basescu supports Elena Udrea. He also answered criticism against him and his party. ‘This party with the leadership it has now is the one that saved Romanian democracy in the summer and that saved him, because he (…) was on the right side and we were on his side’, Vasile Blaga sdie e on his sdie e summer and that saved him ion a st The PDL leader said that, with his statements, Traian Basescu had not hurt him personally, but PDL.


Divided reactions

The Democrat Liberals have divided opinions on Basescu’s involvement with the internal party campaign. While some agree with him, others are deeply dissatisfied with his attitude on the party and his partisanat of Elena Udrea. PDL First Vice President Cezar Preda known to be close to Vasile Blaga, says what’s happening now in PDL ‘is a classic example of attempted hostile take-over by a candidate for PDL president, a candidate who uses the presidential institution to the limit of the Constitution, media and money’.

He former PDL President, Emil Boc, says he does not believe Traian Basescu’s said the PDL election had been fixed, but just warned about dangers that could hamper a direct and open vote of the delegates. PDL Deputy Secretary General, Suceava MP Ioan Balan, said that, in the competition of ‘siblings’, the father is taking the side of one and punishes the other. He noted that the party should be let choose its own way, saying he trusted the 5,000 delegates would make the best choice. ion of ‘simblings blings’P Ioan balan, said theidate for PDL presdient,ixed ‘PDL Târgu Mureş President  Doru Oprişcan is telling the president he should refrain from stating his opinions regarding the party, saying he should ‘leave it alone’ and stop giving ‘instructions from the side’ since he was ‘disappointed’ in PDL. PDL Vice President Radu F. Alexandru said he didn’t like it that, as in 2011, President Basescu was still stepping in the natural and free internal competition in PDL, at the time in Emil Boc’s favour and now in Udrea’s.

PDL Executive Secretary Theodor Paleologu states on his Fecebook page, in the context of the current PDL dispute: ‘A juicy Moldavian aphorism says <the poor dispute the empty pot>’. He warns about the ‘ridiculous of the situation’.