Tribute paid to military heroes, on Ascension Day


Def Min Dusa: 26 Romanian troops have died in theatres of operations, freedom is won hard.

Defence Minister Mircea Dusa on Thursday sent a message on the occasion of the Heroes’ Day, in which he says that the Ascension Day is, traditionally, a day of prayer in memory of the heroes of the Romanian nation and he pays tribute to all those who gave their lives in the great wars in the history of this country.
‘I send a good thought to the Romanian troops who are carrying out with determination their activity in the theatres of operations, fulfilling the commitments our country assumed within the North Atlantic community. Through the missions they accomplish to impeccable standards, day by day, under conditions of maximum danger, they show that Romania has understood that the NATO membership means not only benefits, but also responsibilities. As many as 26 Romanian troops have died in theatres of operations. Their gesture taught us once again that freedom is won hard and the future of our children is defended with painful sacrifices,’ said Dusa.
The Ministry of Defence held on Thursday held military and religious ceremonies to mark the Heroes’ Day. At 10:00hrs, EEST, wreaths were laid at the Filantropia Israeli Cemetery of Bucharest, followed by wreath-laying ceremonies at noon at the Tomb of Unknown Warrior in the Carol Park, the Memorial of military heroes killed in action abroad and in Romania at the National Children’s Palace, the Nation’s Heroes Monument at the Carol I National Defence University as well as at the Ghencea Military Cemetery.
Wreath-laying ceremonies were also conducted in the county capitals housing large defence units, with the participation of active and retiring officers, reservists, war veterans and representatives of local public administrations. Celebrating Romania’s heroes originated in the context following WWI in which Romania won international recognition of the achievement of its national desideratum, the creation of Greater Romania. In recognition of the troops’ effort and abnegation, a national holiday was created under Decree Law 1,693 of May 4, 1920, to be observed ‘with great religious, educational, military and national pump’ on the Ascension Day, the 40th days after Easter.