Turcan: Gov’t to fall in three months’ time, dissatisfied insiders will throw them overboard


PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan believes that the Grindeanu Government will fall in the next three months because of the dissatisfactions within the PSD and ALDE ruling coalition, pointing out that only control along party lines and Liviu Dragnea’s and Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s anti-judiciary obsessions matter in the current Government.

“PSD-ALDE is a rudderless governance. The incoherence they are showing, both within the ruling coalition and within the Government, is shocking. There are no priorities, it’s not a governance that looks to the future. There is nothing European in this governance. It’s a governance in which only control along party lines and Mr Dragnea’s and Mr Tariceanu’s anti-judiciary obsessions matter,” Turcan wrote on her Facebook page.

She claims nothing good can be expected from this Government.

“I continue to believe the Government will fall in 3 months’ time, dissatisfied insiders will throw them overboard,” Turcan said.


“Iohannis’s presence at PNL’s party congress, not discussed”


On Monday, Raluca Turcan also stated that President Klaus Iohannis potential presence at PNL’s party congress on June 17 was not discussed. The statement came after the President said last Friday that he will not attend the Liberals’ party conference but is “very much” interested in what is happening.

“First of all, there was no talk, for any second, about President Klaus Iohannis’s presence at PNL’s party conference. First of all, the President has prerogatives clearly defined by the Constitution, PNL knows the Constitution, bases its political action on respecting the Constitution. We will not be able to ask for, expect or even think about something that is not constitutional,” Raluca Turcan said when asked whether Klaus Iohannis’s absence from the party conference is a negative signal for the party.

When told that Traian Basescu was frequently taking part in PDL’s party congresses while he was President, Turcan said that that “was his choice.”

Asked whether he will attend PNL’s party conference in June, President Klaus Iohannis answered negatively last Friday, but said he is “very much” interested in what is happening.


Turcan on pardon law: PSD ideological fake from which high-level people will benefit


On Monday, the PNL Interim President once again criticised the bill on the granting of pardons, calling it a fake and arguing that high-level people who will be convicted in the upcoming period will benefit from it, pointing out that PNL will oppose this bill.

“Pardoning should be an act of clemency, an instrument with which to depopulate penitentiaries and improve living conditions in the penitentiaries. Through the PSD bill, “improved” by Mr Serban Nicolae, we notice that included in the pardon are the punishments for corruption crimes and abuse of office and perjury. I don’t believe and we don’t believe it’s by coincidence that these are exactly the crimes the leaders of the ruling alliance are being accused of,” Raluca Turcan said.

She stated that the decision of PNL’s National Political Bureau is for the Liberal MPs to vote against the bill.

“This PSD bill is a fake and PNL can only reject the PSD pardon bill because it doesn’t lead to depopulation in penitentiaries, nor to better detention conditions, and doesn’t create clemency for some people who erred. Moreover, the PSD pardon bill, at this moment, will also be applied to those who will be convicted, punished, up until the pardon bill comes into force. So, if there are people, by coincide high-level people, who are about to be convicted in the upcoming period, based on the PSD pardon bill they will benefit from this clemency of PSD ideological extraction,” Turcan concluded.

PSD Senator Serban Nicolae has filed an amendment to the bill on the granting of pardons, a bill currently debated by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee. According to the amendment, those convicted for passive and active bribery, influence peddling and abuse of office can be pardoned. He explained that he does not believe that “the corrupt should live three in a bed, in conditions of dampness, of poor hygiene.”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated last week that he will ask his fellow MPs to vote against Serban Nicolae’s amendments to the pardon bill, considering that the Social Democrats cannot have “a correct political route” unless there is “some rigour in parliamentary activity.”

The debates on the pardon bill will resume on Tuesday within the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.