TVR, fined for anti-Semitic carol

The Audiovisual Overseeing Council on Thursday gave a RON 50,000 fine to TVR regarding the controversial program aired by TVR3 station on 6 December which included a carol with injurious allusions to the Jews.
Foreign Minister, Titus Corlatean also expressed concern regarding the carol. “I consider it utterly unacceptable that in the 21st century anti-Semitism should further be manifest in various forms. I have taken note with concern and indignation of the program aired by TVR3 station. I firmly condemn any anti-Semitic manifestations, particularly if they are propagated, be it even unwillingly, possibly due to ignorance, through a press institution of public interest (…) Incidents like that at TVR3 show that we should not slow down on our efforts but, on the contrary, we must make our messages reach all segments of our society. That is why I publicly express my legitimate expectation that the relevant institutions will take the necessary measures (…)”, Corlatean said, in a press release.
The Cluj Centre for Traditional Culture Preservation and Promotion’s Director Tiberiu Groza, who has chosen the carol, on Thursday, apologized to the Jewish community in Romania, as well as to those who felt offended by the song’s lyrics.

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