Two out of five employers struggle to fill vacant positions


Two out of five Romanian employers, or 40 percent of them currently have problems with finding suitable candidates for their open positions; this figure is 14 percent lower, however, than in 2013, when Romanian employers ranked seventh in a worldwide top of perception of talent deficit. According to a study by ManpowerGroup of candidates’ deficit in Romania, the results of which were released on Monday, Romania still has a talent shortage 4 percent above the world average, and of the medium values in the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) region. More than half (54 percent) of Romanian employers think the talent deficit mainly impacts the productivity and competitiveness levels; 40 percent of the respondents feel that it hinders their capacity of dealing with their clients and responding to their demands; 19 percent see the impact on their capacity as high, and 34 percent as medium; 38 percent think that it increases the staff turnover, and 28 percent perceive a negative influence on the creativity and innovation within their organization.