Two out of three Romanians are indebted

Two out of three Romanians have debts, and in half the cases the amount exceeds RON 5,000 (some EUR 1,100), according to a study conducted at the request of Kruk Romania, quoted by Mediafax. “Two thirds of debtors have borrowed money from banks, while 20 percent took money from relatives”, the study’s coordinator, Vintila Mihailescu said in a press conference. Over half of Romanians say they parents had less debts and could afford to buy more. Over 40 percent of Romanians say that money are important, but just enough to have a decent life. Slightly over 20 percent believe it’s good to have as much money as possible, and those who don’t agree with this are either lying or being hypocritical. However, over a third of the respondents say they want to have more money than they currently have, according to Kruk. In Romania, the study was conducted online between May 1 and May 12, on a sample of almost 5,000 people. “When it comes to debts, Romanians live through more emotions than the Polish, as the latter have a more pragmatic attitude,” said Iwona Slomska, member of Kruk Group board in Poland, responsible for communication and marketing. Kruk Romania, specialized in integrated debt management, managed total debts of RON 6.2 billion (EUR 1.4 billion) last year, more than a third of which belong to debtors aged 31-40, and the largest individual debts exceed a million RON.

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