UDMR does not want PP-DD to join the Government

Kelemen Hunor: PP-DD at rule, an image disaster.

Turmoil in the ruling coalition after UDMR said openly that they do not agree with PP-DD joining the Government. “From the point of view of the image, PP-DD joining the ruling coalition would be a disaster. Moreover, it is not necessary,” said UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor yesterday, quoted by Realitatea TV. He added that, locally, each party makes agreements, but “at a governmental level, as a coalition, it was publicly said that it does not agree, as it would be a mistake.” “Without the vote of the coalition, such formula would not pass the Parliament,” added Kelemen. According to the UDMR leader, PSD chairman Victor Ponta would know his point of view.
Opposition People’s Movement Party (PMP) also contested PP-DD co-opting in the Government. PMP asked yesterday PM Ponta to submit to the Parliament the new Government structure resulting from co-opting the People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu, PMP President Elena Udrea said, as quoted by Agerpres. ‘Bringing in the PPDD to governing has the purpose of getting local majorities, firstly in spots where PSD’s local barons risk losing their majorities in the local and county councils, after PNL left the government,’ said Udrea in a press conference following her party’s National Executive Council.
Collaboration agreement to be signed only with PSD
The president of PSD Victor Ponta pointed out last weekend that the collaboration agreement with PP-DD will only be signed by PSD. “PC and UNPR must give no position, nor does UDMR. (…) So, the other three parties keep absolutely all their political functions, as they had them until now. If there is something to give to PP-DD, it is us who will give, from PSD,” Ponta assured.
On the other hand, Ponta told that PP-DD requested a minister seat at the negotiations, but that this minister, if appointed, won’t be Dan Diaconescu. ‘Sometimes I did make a small compromise, but I can’t do that this time … He ( Dan Diaconescu – editor note) is going to be President, he will be in charge of more things, but he cannot be minister’.

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