Udrea not giving up: her team wants to file new appeal against PDL elections

Political sources however claim that the Udrea camp is also taking into consideration the option of breaking away from PDL and setting up a new centre-right party called the “Popular Movement” and led by Emil Boc, a party that Traian Basescu would join in 2014.

Elena Udrea is refusing to accept defeat at the hands of PDL President Vasile Blaga. Two days after the Democrat-Liberals’ National Convention the team backing Elena Udrea’s bid was set to decide yesterday whether to file a new appeal against the legality of the elections’ result, an appeal asking for a runoff. Roman Mayor Laurentiu Dan Leoreanu claims that there is new evidence according to which the result of the elections for the office of PDL president was tampered with. According to him, the difference needed to organize a runoff was of 37 votes. “People appeared on the lists of other counties or Bucharest districts although they were the members of other county branches. At the same time delegates that were not present at the Convention appear as having voted and we have several examples from the Neamt County,” Laurentiu Dan Leoreanu stated for hotnews.ro.The backers of the former development minister are not sitting idle waiting for the new appeal to be solved. PDL sources quoted by ‘Gandul’ daily claim that the “working” options after losing power within PDL were “sketched” on Saturday evening during a meeting that Elena Udrea, Emil Boc and President Traian Basescu had at the Presidential Palace.

The forceful scenario, the aforementioned sources pointed out, consists of the breakup of a PDL faction, with former PDL president and former premier Emil Boc as the spearhead. According to the calculus of the Udrea-Boc camp, the former premier would be followed by a quarter of the party’s branches, along with their regular activists, mayors and MPs, so that the new movement could create its own parliamentary groups within the Lower Chamber and the Senate. This new party would be called the “Popular Movement,” a party that is in fact already registered at OSIM by the president’s daughter Ioana Basescu. Elena Udrea’s backers consider that the Boc-Udrea duo would be followed by a quarter of the party’s branches – including Neamt, Dambovita, Cluj, Brasov – and would be backed by ten PDL Lower Chamber MPs and Senators, the condition for having its own parliamentary group considering the UNPR precedent.

According to the aforementioned sources, Emil Boc himself is among those still reticent towards such a party that Traian Basescu would also join after 2014. In parallel, the Blaga camp started on Saturday evening negotiations with every party branch, while PDL Secretary General Gheorghe Flutur has called the leaders that signed Udrea’s motion in order to see whether they want to leave the party or they are willing to negotiate. Moreover, Blaga took a precaution before the Convention, including through the Statute the party’s former leaders within PDL’s central leadership. In this sense, the stakes would be on Emil Boc to find a common denominator between the two camps. Although both camps recognize that the departure from the party of those dissatisfied is possible, for the time being nobody wants to take the first step. “I’m afraid there’s too much hatred.

There is the danger of a scission. I personally do not feel represented by PDL as it looked yesterday (the day of the Convention – editor’s note),” former internal affairs minister Gabriel Berca, the leader of PDL Bacau and one of the signatories of Udrea’s motion, explained for ‘Gandul.’ However, Berca is sceptical about a radical move. “I will not take by myself the decision to leave. We have to talk with those that won the elections too,” he estimates. Elena Udrea said yesterday that “mistakes belonging to the current PDL leadership” have “estranged Traian Basescu” and that the head of state is the most credible right-wing leader.

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