Ukraine developments stir concernin Bucharest

Presidency: Romania, not directly affected by situation in Ukraine, no immediate risks for national
security. “Stop playing games in the Republic of Moldavia,” Basescu would urge President Putin. Bucharest
will go on monitoring with utmost care both the situation in Ukraine and the separatist developments in the Republic of Moldova. Kiev government mobilized troops Sunday. Russia’s Parliament signed off on Putin’s request to send military forces into Ukraine. Obama and Putin spoke on phone for 90 minutes – with each expressing their concern over the mounting crisis.

Romania’s official position regarding the developments in Ukraine – there’s no immediate menace against Romania, President Traian Basescu said yesterday evening at Cotroceni Palace, referring to the Ukrainian crisis. On the other hand, ‘Romania is warning that another frozen conflict in Crimea could determine regional instability and might lead to military conflicts on medium term and long term.’
‘We consider Ukraine is aggressed by the Russian troops at this very moment. Immediate negotiations are needed in order to put an end to Russian intervention in Ukraine.
Romania is asking the Russian Federation to observe the treaties signed in Kiev and Kharkov in 1997 and 2010. Romania is calling on Ukrainian citizens of Romanian ethnicity not to get involved in the conflict. We believe the developments have put president Yanukovici in the position to submit his resignation,’ the president concluded.
One of the conclusions convened Saturday evening, on a working meeting with the national security structures held at the Cotroceni Palace, is that Romania is not directly affected by the situation in Ukraine and there are no immediate risks for this country’s national security.
n President Basescu said yesterday that Russia is not seeking a conflict with a NATO-member state, pointed that Romania “is categorically not a target of a possible act of aggression against Ukraine”.

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