Ukraine plane crash: Officials call for international investigation, send condolences


Romanian-Canadian citizen killed in the tragedy.

Ukraine government: Searchers find nearly 200 bodies at MH17 crash site

Governments call on Russian President Vladimir Putin to use his influence on the pro-Russian rebels.

Pro-Russian separatists removed bodies from crash site, officials and observers say

President Traian Basescu in Sinaia, on Saturday, said that the aviation accident of Ukraine, in which 298 people died, cannot be left without an international investigation and without consequences for those responsible for this tragedy.
‘We support an international investigation and I am not telling you this now, after I have seen other position assumptions. We reacted about three hours after the aviation accident occurred (…). It cannot be left without an international investigation and, for what happened, 298 innocent killed in a terrorist act, it cannot pass without consequences. Of course, I shall make a clearer statement on this at Cotroceni, because the information already gathered and presented by other world leaders is information we also have, but we would certainly nuance certain positions and I shall do it from the official President office, at Cotroceni. (…) I want to complete my own assessment based on the data I have and I reiterate that Romania has not learned anything new from the statements of political leaders, but I believe we must speak bluntly and I shall do it from Cotroceni,’ Traian Basescu said, according to Agerpres.
A release from Cotroceni Palace on Friday was reading that ‘The President of Romania Mr. Traian Basescu is dismayed by the tragic event of Thursday, July 17 in the airspace of Ukraine, involving an airplane of Malaysia Airlines carrying 295 people. President Traian Basescu demands the immediate investigation of the circumstances of the tragic accident and requests the participation of experts of the European Union in the inquiry, alongside Ukrainian authorities.’
Prime Minister Ponta sent condolence letters to Dutch and Malaysian counterparts
Prime Minister Victor Ponta has sent letters of condolence to his counterparts in the Netherlands and Malaysia following the crash of passenger airliner MH17 of the Malaysian Airlines in Eastern Ukraine.
According to a release of the Government’s Press Office remitted on Friday to Agerpres, in his name and in the name of the Romanian Government, Prime Minister Victor Ponta expressed the compassion and solidarity of the Romanian people and sent the sincerest condolences to the grieving families.
‘In these moments in which the entire international community is shocked by the tragedy in which innocent people lost their lives, there is a need to clarify, in the shortest possible amount of time, of the conditions and causes of the airliner’s crash’, emphasized the Prime Minister in the condolence letters, according to the release.