US Vice President Joe Biden, to begin visit to Romania today

US Vice President Joe Biden will be paying a visit to Bucharest today and tomorrow, where he will meet President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta. The discussions will aim, according to the White House, quoted by Agerpres, at the reaction of the international community to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Moreover, Joe Biden will have talks with the officials of Bucharest about the need to consolidate the economic relations with Romania, especially through the EU-US Free Trade Agreement, currently undergoing negotiations.
In this situation, prime Minister Victor Ponta asked Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea to take the necessary measures so the US Vice President’s visit could be carried out in maximum security conditions. On occasion of the US official’s visit, the Romanian authorities will take a series of measures. Thus, the institutions with capacities in the national security area decided to create some sustainable security devices to ensure the good conduct of the official visit.

Moreover, the organisation of joint assessments of the security situation and the harmonisation of measures among the institutions involved in the organisation and good conduct of the high dignitary’s visit to Bucharest and simulations of the devices concerning the security measures established on the days of the US Vice President’s visit are also planned. On the other hand, SPP informed that during Joe Biden’s visit to Bucharest there would not be any major traffic restrictions, the road traffic going to be carried out under normal conditions today and tomorrow, with the Road Police ensuring traffic flow measures. US Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday through Thursday will be going on a small tour to Romania and Cyprus. Joe Biden also paid a visit to Bucharest in October 2009.

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