Vaccination Law, unanimously adopted by the Senate


The Senate adopted on Monday the draft law on the people’s vaccination in Romania, from which the date of the entry into force of the law, which originally was January 1, 2018, was removed; all the 99 senators who were present voted for the draft law.

“Vaccination is the medical intervention with the highest level of efficiency in the history of the mankind. Vaccination was introduced for the first time in 1986 against smallpox. More than 30 million people have got smallpox at that time. In 1977, due to introducing this vaccine, smallpox was eradicated in the entire world. In 1971, vaccination against smallpox was introduced. In 2000, smallpox was declared as eradicated in America. Therefore, by giving these two examples, I believe it’s enough for me to prove the importance of this vaccine, which, to my surprise, is challenged by some physicians. If I had higher authority, I’d take measures against these physicians who challenge this vaccination that brought the greatest benefits to the humanity” stated the PNL Senator Leon Danaila.

The draft law on organizing and financing the vaccination of the Romanian population was adopted in mid-August by the Government.

The draft law establishes that it’s mandatory to vaccinate children with the vaccines provided by the national vaccination schedule, as well as with those that are applied in special epidemiological circumstances to the entire population or to certain groups of population.

The law should enter into force on January 1, 2018, but this provision was removed from the text of the document by an amendment.

The Monday meeting was also attended by the Health Minister Florian Bodog.