Van Groningen wants Romania to climb in the OECD competitiveness ranking

One of the main objectives of the Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR) is to help Romania climb ten steps in three years in the competitiveness ranking of the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Steven van Groningen, CEO Raiffeisen Bank said at the Victoria Palace.
‘The Coalition for the Development of Romania is a form of cooperation that we created more than a year ago. We are talking about an informal cooperation, not about a legal entity. At present, the organisation has 20 members, business associations, and another 17 associate members, which are playing the role of observers. It is an open structure that we created to improve the dialogue with the government. We realized that they are many associations that are trying to send about the same message and that’s how we came up with the idea of joining them into one entity, in order to easy us the dialogue with the government. We want to create an economy as competitive as possible, a more competitive Romania, which will be to the benefit of all of us,’ said Steven van Groningen, in his capacity as the representative of the CDR, at the end of the signing ceremony of the document ‘Understanding regarding the making of a consultation platform between the Romanian Government and the Coalition for the Development of Romania.’
The CDR representative also added that the investors, in many of the cases, the investors are faced with ‘an environment that is not always predictable in macroeconomic terms’.
‘Romania made huge efforts to create a stable environment in macroeconomic terms. It is important now to also create a stable and predictable environment in terms of legislation. I hope that based on the dialogue we are going to continue and complete, from a certain perspective, today, we will be able to contribute to the creation of an environment to be as predictable as possible,” Groningen continued.
One of the Coalition main goals is to help Romania climb ten steps in three years in the OECD competitiveness ranking. “And if we will continue the dialogue the same as we did in the past three month I believe that we can achieve this goal. Until then, I hope that the Coalition will be able to grow, since we are an inclusive organisation,’ Steven van Groningen concluded.

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